Ass Kickin’ Carolina Reaper Pepper Honey Peanuts

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Peanuts loaded with honey & Caronlina Reaper Pepper. These new explosive Ass Kickin’ nuts are addicting and extremely hot!

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Peanuts roasted in Peanut Oil, Sugar, Honey, Salt, Modified Potato Starch, Carolina Reaper Pepper, and Xanthan Gum.


12 oz. (340g)

3 reviews for Ass Kickin’ Carolina Reaper Pepper Honey Peanuts

  1. Joe Minteer

    Got this as a gift. Peanuts are large and nicely coated. Very hot as I can only handle a handful once in a while. Finishing this one can will take some time!

  2. Scott

    Love the peanuts, heavily coated with a sweet flavor and then the very spicy heat kicks in. Love them!

  3. Paul Gordon

    These are actually really perfect. For me they are nicely balanced between the sweet and heat. The heat is there, but it is offset by the sweet perfectly. My wife can barely take one because of the spice, but I can eat them by the handful. This might be the best tasting peanut I have eaten.

    The tolerance for these is definitely going to vary from person to person. Some people will eat one peanut and then never again. On the other hand, I will eat the whole can and then order another.

    Great job with this particular product!

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