Dumb Ass Habanero Hot Sauce

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The perfect Hot Sauce for your Dumb Ass friend who thinks NOTHING is too HOT for him/her! This baby packs some serious heat. Also works great for Dumb Ass family members and foes alike.


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Water, Habanero Pepper, Vinegar, Capsicum Extract, Salt, Garlic, Spices and Xanthan Gum.


5 fl. oz. (148mL)


Extremely Hot

1 review for Dumb Ass Habanero Hot Sauce

  1. Scott

    Possibly the perfect hot sauce. I have around 40 bottles of hot sauce in my fridge at all times, and I’ve been through hundreds over the years. This has become one of my go-to’s. Here is why: Orange habaneros are delicious but they are sweet. Many Orange habanero based sauces are too sweet and citrusy. Dumb ass has great flavor without being sweet or vinegary. The overall flavor profile is fresh and bright with a little smokiness that balance it. Nice accent flavor that doesn’t take over the flavor of what you’re eating. Heat-wise this is spot on too – hot enough to pack a punch, but not so hot that you can’t load your food up with it. Buy this sauce and thank me later

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